Introduction to SELFLOOPS Technology

At SELFLOOPS, we are dedicated to advancing cardiac rehabilitation by providing state-of-the-art heart rate tracking technology. Our innovative solutions are designed to support both in-clinic and remote patient monitoring, offering a seamless and efficient approach to cardiac care.

How SELFLOOPS Benefits Cardiac Patients

Precision at Its Core
Our technology ensures accurate heart rate readings, enabling healthcare providers to monitor cardiac function with high precision.
Instant Feedback
Real-time data streaming allows for immediate adjustments in patient care, ensuring optimal rehabilitation progress.
Empowering Home-Based Rehabilitation
Patients can continue their recovery comfortably at home while their heart rate data is streamed directly to their healthcare team.
Enhanced Patient Engagement
By involving patients in their own care process, we foster a sense of empowerment and encourage active participation in their health journey.

For Clinicians and Healthcare Facilities

Efficient Care Coordination: easy access to patient data facilitates better coordination among healthcare professionals.
Data-Driven Decisions: the comprehensive data provided by our technology aids in making informed decisions about patient care.

SELFLOOPS heart rate tracking technology is more than just a tool; it's a partner in cardiac rehabilitation. By bridging the gap between clinic-based and remote patient care, we are committed to improving the health outcomes of cardiac patients. Embrace the future of cardiac rehabilitation with SELFLOOPS and transform the way you deliver patient care.

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