Upload your activity

Track your workout using your favorite fitness device. Upload your data on Selfloops, we accept the TCX, FIT and SRM file format. And if you use our Selfloops mobile tracking app or Garmin Connect, Polar, SRM, Bryton, HealthFit, RunGap, FitnessSyncer, PowerAgent, Golden Cheetah, PerfPRO Studio software, you can automatically upload the workout on Selfloops. Data are stored and processed for analysis.

Analyze the activity

View how you performed during the workout. The statistics give you an overview of your activity with averages and max. The charts show the evolution of the metrics you have tracked such as heart rate, bike power, cadence, speed, altitude, position on the map. Each metric has a detailed zone analysis chart. Furthermore, you can analyze the Total Hemoglobin Concentration (THb) and the Percentage of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen (SmO2) when those metrics are included in your activities files.

Bike power analysis

We provide a detailed bike power analysis with the ability to compare your actual performance with your best past performance. The so called Critical Power.

Monitor your progresses

Our dashboard helps you to keep track of your weekly and yearly fitness activities. Set your objectives and monitor how you are doing.

Health status

Performance is much more than training. Our health tab allows you to keep track of additional metrics to have an overall view of your health and fitness status.

Fitness and freshness

Resting too much is not good but it is not good to training too much either. With the Fitness and Freshness graph you will be able to reach the perfect form by balancing training and resting periods.

Monitor athlete activities

As a coach or manager you can monitor the activities and health of your athletes and provide important and valuable feedback.

Race reports

You can write race reports and have the management team always updated with the latest news.


For athletes or teams, you can monitor the live performance of an athlete or follow an entire group, more info.