Bike Power Training

A system for gyms and clubs

A great user experience

Train on a 7’ or 10’ tablet that shows real-time data and graphics. Data collected include heart rate, cadence, bike power, speed, distance and more.


Log in before the session and data are downloaded on the tablet from the SelfLoops cloud to ensure a personalized training experience.

Data are automatically saved

At the end of the session, data are automatically uploaded in the SelfLoop website, ready to be visualized and analyzed.

Manage, Measure and Give feedback

As a coach you can manage the users, visualize their performance and give feedback thanks to our team management platform.

Indoor cycling

How it works

We have created the ultimate indoor bike training system.

Tablets ensure a rich user experience, with data and graphs shown on a larger screen than traditional bike computers.

Our system supports all your sensors, including bike power, cadence and speed sensors, heart rate monitors and muscle oxygen sensors (including Moxy).

Users log in the system before the session and the application downloads their personal data, that makes the training personalized. At the end of the sessions data are automatically uploaded in the SelfLoops website ready to be analyzed thanks to our advanced performance analysis platform.

Coaches can manage their users, analyze their performance, give feedback and keep their performance under control.


To use our solution a monthly subscription is required. The fee depends on the number of users and features required. Please contact us for more info.

A free trial is available, you can try our solution and purchase it if you like it.

We support any indoor bike or trainer on the market.
Some bikes have bike power sensors, cadence and speed sensors. But you can also use bikes with indoor trainers with sensors. And you may want to track heart rates.

We support a large variety of fitness sensors that conform to the ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy standards.

We support the following ANT+ sensors:

  • bike power
  • bike speed and cadence
  • heart rate monitors
  • muscle oxygen

We also support Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors, like the Wahoo Blue and Wahoo Tickr, Polar H7 and Viiiva.

You need an Android tablet and our application.
We do not provide bikes or sensors.

An Internet connection is not required to use our solution. However, if you want to be able to personalize the training experience and you want to upload data after the trainings, an Internet connection is needed.

Our team management and performance analysis platform is used by pro cycling teams and athletes around the world. We have one month free trial. You can signup here.

Please, send your questions or comments to


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