• Athlete warming up

    Sport Performance

    Optimize Athletic Performance with SELFLOOPS. Our platform is meticulously designed for athletes and coaches who strive for excellence.

  • Group tracking in a gym

    Group tracking for clubs

    Elevate Your Fitness Club with SELFLOOPS Group Tracking Technology for cardio, rowing and bike power training.

  • Student at school

    Physical education

    Revolutionize Physical Education with SELFLOOPS Group Heart Rate Tracking

  • Athlete warming up

    Corporate Wellness

    Harnessing Technology for a Healthier, More Productive Workforce.

  • Corporate employee


    Reach your clients anywhere, anytime. Workout data and video streaming platform.

  • Gym workout

    Cardiac Rehab

    Enhancing Patient Care, Both On-Site and Remotely, with SELFLOOPS Heart Rate Tracking Technology.

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